What is Pigeon?

Pigeon is the new communication channel of Kunduz, which enable you to directly forward your feedback that you have placed on “Rate the Solution” to your tutor and helps you receive complete explanations by getting you in touch with your tutor directly. Thanks to this new system, the connects you have placed on “Rate the Solution” will be immediately forwarded to our tutors through the chats initiated by Pigeon, which will allow you to inform them about the points you want to receive further explanation, when you need it. Remember, adding comments while reviewing the solution allows our tutors to provide you with complete feedback in one go. As your responds to Pigeon will be directly forwarded to our tutors, please do not use this channel to ask questions to our team. When you need live support, you can click on “Start a chat.” on the Settings/Support menu of our application, and we will be there for you.