You can invite your friends to Kunduz to receive discounts and provide a discounted start for your friends at the same time! Your friends should enter your reference code in the discount section when they place a payment so that they can get a discount if they purchase a membership. After your friends ask their first 5 questions or 14 days after they purchase a package, you will get money on your account and you will be able to use it as a discount the next time you buy a package.
At Kunduz, we guarantee that your questions will be solved 100% correctly so that you don’t have any more questions unanswered. Should you receive an incorrect solution for your question, you should choose the incorrect answer option on Rate the Solution section, and this comment will be forwarded back to your tutor, and a new explanation will be provided.
At Kunduz, one of the things that we attach great importance to is that you receive descriptive and clear solutions to your questions. We want to make sure that there is no point left that you have not understood. If you specify the points you haven’t understand by writing comments of the “Rate the Solution” section, Pigeon will forward your message to the tutor and request further explanation. Shortly, you will receive further explanation on the points you have not fully comprehended.
In Kunduz mobile application, our tutors solve the questions on a piece of paper or on the question picture you have sent. The descriptive solution will be forwarded to you as a picture.
When the question you have uploaded is answered, you will receive a notification on your phone. You can open this notification to see the solution. In addition, you can access the “Question Box” section via the down right-hand corner on your main page or by flicking your finger to left on the main page. In “Question Box”, you can monitor your questions that have been answered as well as your pending questions. On this screen, you can monitor at what stage your solution is currently. When you click on the question, you can see the question as well as the solution, if it has been answered.
Question Repository Within the Kunduz question repository, there are questions and answers in different difficulty levels for all fields and subjects. You can click on the book icon on the down left-hand side of the main screen to access “Question Repository”. After choosing the field on the “Question Repository”, you will see two options, “Start the Subject Test” and “I Want to Choose a Topic”. When you choose “Start the Subject Test”, you will see questions that are appropriate for your own level on the screen. You can see the solution of the question in the “Show the Solution” section. You can also adjust the difficulty level in the “Difficulty” section. When you choose “I Want to Choose a Topic”, you will see a list of topics within the curriculum of the subject field whereby you can choose the topic you would like to access questions and solutions with different difficulty levels. 
We have packages valid till 31st of May until now but soon we will have subscription packages which are automatically renewed each month. We state this explicitly both when you purchase the package and on our User Licence Agreement. If you do not want your membership package to be renewed, you can inform us of your request via the Support section.
You can go to Usage Statistics on Settings to see the remaining number of questions you can ask.
You can go to Profile Information on Settings to change membership information such as e-mail address, date of birth, and grade.
We use the Razorpay payment system infrastructure for membership package purchases, so you can safely use your credit card for payment. We use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol which is the industry standard and provides highest-level security during payment transactions.
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