It’s that time of the year all over again! Sleepless nights, revision examinations, last minute rush of completing the portions and the most annoying record submissions. This will definitely get you out of your school gates. However university/college gates are opened only by the key of entrance examinations be it JEE, NEET or any other competitive exams. They aim in validating your aptitude and knowledge in the required subjects. It would be the right time to enhance your preparatory levels which can set you off the edge! Our Kunduz tutor Lakshmi Deepak tells you how to increase NEET score in six simple steps!

6 Simple Score to Increase NEET Score:

  • Check the units of answers in physics & chemistry section

This can save a lot of time. At times a question will have 4 options with different units. In such cases, you don’t have to solve the entire question. Just read the question, confirm the physical parameter of the answer and confirm the unit in the options. This can save about 50 secs of time which gives you more time to focus on other questions. However this method will not work in case the units in all 4 options are the same. Please the options and the questions very carefully.
  • Solve question papers from the past 10 yrs.

 This a fool proof method as you will get very familiar with the difficulty levels in each section and around 30% of the questions are repeated.
  • Revision

 It is a great confidence booster and also keeps your confidence in check hand in hand. Make sure you are extremely good in your areas of interest and don’t waste your time trying to grasp concepts you find extremely difficult.
  • Split up of marks

  Competitive exams is not all about the knowledge. It is also about strategy. To get into a good govt. Medical college you need to score 520/720. Now this can be achieved by 110 (physics)+ 120 (chemistry)+ 300 (botany+zoology). SO PLEASE SKIP THE QUESTION YOU ARE NOT SURE OF TO AVOID NEGATIVE MARKING. From the above split up it is quite clear that omission of a question is not catastrophic.
  • 7 hours of sleep the night before exam

 Yes I know!! This seems to be routine tip yet quite impossible to achieve. So let’s face case you haven’t prepared for the exam in the past 12 months it is quite unlikely that you can grasp all the two years of knowledge in 12 hours. Hence the most sensible thing to do in this scenario would be to get a sound sleep of 7 hours and be amazed at the number of correct answers to give in your test the following day. Good sleep enhances your brain activity multifold which enables you to think clearly an approach the question in a smart way.
  •  Elimination method

 Coming to the D day; when you are in a dilemma between the options present always opt for the elimination option. Out of the four you might be confused between two or three. During this time try to look for clues within the question paper i.e. any similar question or a similar concept. This can help you narrow down your options. However if you are stuck on the question for more than 2 mins skip it and go to the next one. You can always come back to the question once you are done attempting all the sections.

The more questions you solve, the better your NEET Score! You can see best questions asked for JEE & NEET exam inside the app which gets updated daily with 1000+ questions. You can always take help from Kunduz which might help you if you are stuck in between and need some help from topmost tutors of IIT!  We will be updating you with such blog post so keep checking this space.  Stay awesome, Keep Learning!😊

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