How to Motivate Myself to Study for NEET 2021-NEET Motivation

This blog is an answer to question: "How to motivate myself to study for NEET 2021, I am way behind in preparation."

How to Motivate Myself to Study for NEET 2021-NEET Motivation

NEET is one of the toughest entrance exams in India. In the NEET exam, questions are not very tough but the number of appearing students in the NEET exam in very high as compared to MBBS seats in government medical colleges, this ratio makes it a tough competition. So hard work, consistency, and regularity is the thing which can make it possible. Maintain your regularity and consistency on a daily basis and keep yourself motivated. Self-believe and self-confidence are the must thing to achieve any goal in life so you have to believe in yourself that you’re going to crack the NEET 2021. This blog is an answer to question: “How to motivate myself to study for NEET 2021, I am way behind in preparation.”

How to motivate myself to study – Tips

  • Imagine yourself in white apron and stethoscope

Just imagine yourself wearing a white apron, having a stethoscope around the neck, going to the hospital and helping or treating patients. 

How does it feel? I’m pretty sure it feels great, right?

  • Imagine having a prefix Dr.

Imagine yourself having a prefix Dr. Before your name. People calling you as ‘Doctor Sahab’.

How does it sound? Again sound great, right?

  • Imagine yourself as you are the only one between life and death

Imagine yourself as a person whom people believe that you are the only person who can save his/her closest one. That’s why they came to you in this situation. You are standing between life and death, you keep trying and finally, life has won. Now people are blessing you. again sound great, right?

  • Have a dream 

Have a dream? 

Your dream will automatically keep you motivated. your dreams never let you sleep. your potential is endless, you just have to find it out and use it.

As Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam said 

“DREAM is not what you see in sleep, DREAM is the thing that doesn’t let you sleep”

  • Self-confidence

Never let your self-confident low. Always believe in yourself, No matter how tough circumstances are but you can do it, you can crack it, and believe me you will gonna make it. Always keep trying to boost your confidence up.

  • Do it now, or regret it later

Choice is totally yours, either make it possible by your hard-work or regret upon it the rest of your life or later in life whenever it’s too late.

Never quit your hard work will pay off sooner or later but for sure.

  • Try to be in good company

Always try to be in a good and positive environment. It will give you positive energy and strength. Surround yourself with positive people because these types of people never let you feel demotivated or low, they will always give you rays of opportunities and hope of success. 

  • Just think about the sacrifices of your parents

Think about your parents, they did everything for you, they sacrifice a lot of things just to see you as a successful or just to see you wearing a white apron with a stethoscope. 

Can you imagine happiness in your parent’s eyes after your success which is now waiting for you to see in medical college?

  • Keep in touch with selected student

Proper guidance is also a must during your NEET preparation so talk to those students in your locality or relations who already cracked the NEET examination. The conversation with them will keep you motivated. You will feel a doctor and it will give you a stimulant to work hard and get into it.

Some other points to keep yourself motivated-

  1. Do not compare yourself with others everyone is not the same and has their own circumstances.
  2. Do meditation and exercises it gives you positive energy and makes you feel better. A single continuous sleep of 6 hours is also a must so you feel refreshed all day.
  3. Don’t underestimate yourself, if someone can do it, then why don’t you? you also have the potential to do and you can do it.
  4. Listen to music or do your hobbies in between long hours of study. 15-20 minutes relaxation is a must between Study of 2-3 hours for the proper functioning of the brain.
  5. Write your dream in your diary. Write the things for which you are thankful for and also maintain your to-do list every day and try to complete at least 70% of them.
  6. Study hard, no matter if it seems impossible, no matter if it takes time no matter if you have to stay up all night, just remember that the feeling of wearing an apron and stethoscope is just amazing.
  7. Whenever you feel low during the study have a walk of 15 minutes and during the walk just think about your dream of being a doctor and plan your journey to the beautiful destination and go back to study with full focus.

One more thing, always keep in mind, “To be a diamond you should have guts to bear cuts”.

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