NEET preparation (in 150 days) plan for droppers

Time is too precious to waste. Get here the best plan to prepare for NEET in just 150 days.

NEET preparation (in 150 days) plan for droppers

150 days day by day study NEET preparation plan for droppers (repeaters).

Ideal preparation duration for NEET like competitive examination is one year (ideal NEET preparation plan) because the syllabus of NEET is huge. It comprises of the syllabus of both classes 11th and 12th (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).

As you are a repeater student so you have previous knowledge from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of class 11th and 12th. You can complete and revise the syllabus in 150 days for your NEET preparation with a proper plan. Below we discuss the best plan of NEET preparation for dropper students.

  • Set a goal: –  The first thing you have to do is set your ultimate goal and then do strategic hard work to achieve it. Always keep in mind your ultimate goal.
  • Make a schedule – After fixing your goal make a suitable daily schedule for all subjects to study.

If you have 150 days it means 5 months for neet preparation till the exam. It is very much sufficient time to crack neet. In this time period, you can do easily 3 – 5 revision of the whole syllabus of all three subjects.

The first revision will take more time than in further revision time will gradually decrease as your speed will keep increasing.

First revision – 45 days or 1.5 month

Second revision – 30 days or 1 month

Third revision  – 30days or 1 month

Fourth revision – 30 days or 1 month

Quick revision – 15 days.

Even you can increase your number of revisions further, gradually your speed will be automatically increased.

If you are repeater than it means you have already come across the theory portion of syllabus, so for repeaters it will take less time to revise theory and you can give more time to practice MCQs.

First revision

Do it in about 45 days, and for complete it in within this time period you just have to revise and solve nearly 1 – 1 chapter daily of each of three subject


  • pickup one chapter as your schedule and firstly go through your coaching notes 
  • solve your notes questions as well
  • practice derivation of formulas and note down all formulas of that chapter on separate paper
  • After revisingsing the theory portion goes through MCQs of that particular chapter and solves it. Clear your all doubt as well.


  • Physical chemistry, firstly go through theory portion of notes, revise notes and note down all formulas and examples on separate papers after that solve questions from a guide book or any suitable material.
  • In surface chemistry also read ncert carefully,
  • In solid-state note down all examples on separate paper
  • Organic chemistry, Firstly go through your coaching notes carefully and make your basic concept strong of organic chemistry
  • After that solve MCQs from any guide book
  • Note down all named reaction on separate paper.
  • In GOC, practice more questions as possible and make strong concepts of acid & basic, aromatic & nonautomatic, and nucleophilic & Electrophilic,
  • For polymer, biomolecule, and chemistry in everyday life read ncert very carefully.
  • Inorganic chemistry firstly goes through notes and ncert both very carefully.
  • Note down all reactions and important order on separate Paper 
  • After that solve MCQs from any suitable material.


  • Early morning revise one chapter from ncert and notes then solve the MCQs of respective chapters from any suitable material.
  • As a current scenario, most of the biology questions asked from ncert so read ncert very carefully
  • Read ncert cover to cover and word to word
  • Do not ignore labeled diagram of ncert
  • Some chapters like Genetics, the molecular basis of inheritance also read and understand from your notes then ncert also.

Second revision –

It will take less time as compared to the first revision

  • Read those important formulas and reactions which you note down on separate Paper during 1st revision 
  • Give more focus on topics which you found more challenging for you during the first revision
  • In this sequence complete your further revision eg.- third and fourth revision

Quick revision – 

  • Just 15 days before your exam do quick a revision what you revise in your previous revision
  • Re-read all formulas of physics and physical chemistry,
  • Revise all reactions of organic and inorganic chemistry,
  • Go through all important topics,
  • In biology revise carefully examples of morphology and taxonomy.
  • Question practice – Solve MCQs as much as possible, it will help you to maintain question-solving speed in the main exam.
  • Join a test series – You should join a test series for self-evaluation and after the test does analyze your progress and find out your weak points. Analyze your weak points and then work on it.
  • Also, try to manage time for all three subjects it will help you in the main exam.
  • Previous years papers – You must have to solve previous years question paper of NEET and AIIMS as many questions keep repeating every year, moreover, it will give you an idea about how questions are asked and some important topics also.
  • For physics and chemistry also solve previous year AIEEE and JEE-mains question paper.

Some other points to increase your efficacy:

  • Avoid social media as much as possible until the exam.
  • Keep yourself motivated, don’t let yourself feel low.
  • Drink more water to keep hydrated to your body.
  • Avoid junk food for a healthy body.

All the best for your bright future.

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