Study Planner to Crack JEE Advanced from 11th Standard

Preparation tips for Study Plan to crack JEE Advanced from 11th Standard is here!

Study Planner to Crack JEE Advanced from 11th Standard

To get admission to one of the most prestigious engineering institutes of our country – IITS, you have to first crack JEE Mains exam. Then Jee ADVANCE exam with a rank under 15000. After that you have to participate in JOSAA counselling by filling up your choices, then finally after getting an allotment letter and accepting the seat, you can take admission to IIT. I started JEE preparation around may after 11th Std. Generally people prep for 2 years so I’m going to chart the flow accordingly. After 10th std board exams, IIT JEE prep classes start around May or June. Content for JEE prep is taught completely in classes as colleges do not cover that dept of syllabus or topics. Generally the syllabus is completed till December (12th std) post which test series and prep for 12th board examinations start. Preparation tips for Study Planner to crack JEE Advanced from 11th Standard is here!

In a Study Planner, study hours required per day  – on an avg, 8 to 12 hours

Generally classes have a schedule which they follow to cover topics. But it is always advisable to have one of your own so you know how much time you have to invest in each topic to ensure you finish the syllabus on time. 

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Study Planner Tips

  1. Division of  time between Physics, Chemistry and Maths so that I could study each of them daily. (Preferably Maths > Physics > Chemistry, ratio 1.5:1:1)
  2. Always start my day with maths. In the beginning of the day, we are very efficient and mathematics is the one subject which needs whole of your brain and a lot of practice. I used to start with 4–5 hours maths daily. 
  3. After doing maths, post lunch, I used to switch to Physics or Chemistry. These topics require a relatively lesser brain and practice as compared to Maths.
  4. 3 or 4  hours later I switched to revising older topics. It is important to continuously revise previously done topics because you tend to forget(the syllabus is too vast).
  5. A timetable can be prepared to revise topic wise as to when you have last studied them. Every topic needs to be brushed at least once in every 2 to 3 months.
  6. At the end of the day, I planned for what to study for the next day.
  7. I solved questions in the morning and did theory in the evening. I solved questions next day based on the theory studied on the previous night.
  8. It’s better to learn theory in parts for a topic and then practice problems on it than to learn it completely in one go.
  9. Cracking JEE is all on the score. I focussed strongly on 2 subjects and made sure I cleared the cut off for the third.

Importance of Doubt Clearing

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