The Importance of Establishing a Routine During Finals Week

You might have heard about the importance of establishing a routine during the school year. It's equally crucial to have a healthy routine during finals. Read on for more.

The Importance of Establishing a Routine During Finals Week

It’s that time of year when if we are not careful, we will sport bags under our eyes and study until the sun comes up. The term “routine” might sound boring and can evoke thoughts of obligations and responsibilities. However, sticking to a personal schedule can help us to be more productive and demonstrate our true potential. Here are the benefits of establishing a routine during finals week ☀️☀️☀️

Improves your sleep and nutrition!  

Students suffering from anxiety and stress are prone to neglecting their sleep pattern and nutrition. However, the intensity of final exams increases the importance of sleeping and eating right. Sleep is essential for memory consolidation and ensuring mastery of the subjects that you are learning. A healthy and nutritious diet can improve your mood, overall mental health, concentration, and memory. With a study routine, you can be sure to build sleep and meals into your everyday schedule.

Helps you reduce stress during finals week! 

Even though it is impossible to precisely control everything happening in your daily life, following a routine will increase the amount of work under your control. With more control you’ll immediately minimize the stress you endure. You can also build stress relief exercises into your routine. Plan study breaks — listen to some music, tap into your creative side by drawing or dancing, watch a funny video, or get exercise by going for a brisk walk or short jog.

Establishing a routine creates momentum!

Repeating your routine each day will create momentum and make it easier to keep track of your performance. You will build forward moving habits which will carry you even if you feel like giving up.


At Kunduz, we want to help you to make the most of your finals week! Check out our article about coping with exam stress.

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