Best Homework Helping Apps: Kunduz vs PhotoStudy

Stuck on your homework and need help? There are a lot of mobile apps available to help you, but which is the best fit? Kunduz’s homework helping mobile app is designed to provide expert Q&A with handwritten step-by-solutions prepared by tutors. Message with our tutors directly to get your follow-up questions answered or if you need further explanation of the problem. Kunduz is here to help you work through your tough problems from start to finish. 

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Why Choose Kunduz Over PhotoStudy?

Kunduz provides handwritten step-by-solutions prepared by tutors to students within minutes. Message with our tutors directly to get follow-up questions answered or if you need further explanation with the problem. Cheaper than 1:1 tutoring, Kunduz is the perfect, affordable solution for students struggling with their homework. With tutors available 24/7, Kunduz is here to help you work through your tough problems from start to finish.

Affordable for students
Extensive list of subjects offered
Fast response times
Homework help from experts
Interactive messaging with tutors
Step-by-step answers with visuals

Why is Kunduz a Great Homework Help App?


To get live homework help using Kunduz, there are 5 simple steps! 

Step 1: Take a picture of the question
Step 2: Upload it onto the Kunduz app 
Step 3: Choose the course and subject you need help with 
Step 4: Add an optional comment on what specifically you are struggling with regarding the question 
Step 5: Submit to get step by step solutions in minutes! 

If you have additional follow up questions, you can simply send them in the chat and the subject tutor can respond directly to your request to engage in personalized learning!


Kunduz offers a limited free plan and two paid monthly subscription plans, a free plan, a standard plan, and an unlimited plan. With less than $15/month, you are able to ask unlimited questions on different subjects. This is the most affordable homework help subscription service from real tutors for all students!


When you submit a question in the Kunduz app, it’s sent to expert tutors who will respond to you with handwritten solutions. Users can rate the solution and notify the tutor if they believe the solution is incorrect or have follow-up questions to clarify the answer.

Response Time

Kunduz’s average question response time for all subjects is 15 minutes, making it the fastest provider of live expert homework help service for students!


Kunduz allows you to message the subject expert for additional help or ask follow-up questions once you receive your solution. This follow up chat feature is available for all questions across all topics and courses.

Kunduz – Learn from real tutors! Unlimited 24/7

With Kunduz, you’ll have access to a tutor in your pocket 24/7. We believe everyone should have access to education, which is why we aim to keep the price to our subscription plans as low as possible. We know 1:1 private tutoring is not accessible for all but with Kunduz you can send unlimited questions to our tutors and get the personalized help you deserve.


Extensive list of subjects offered

Kunduz has an extensive list of courses available to cover all your math, science, and business class needs. Whether you’re in high school or college – our tutors are ready to help you work through every step! Does your problem require a chart, graph or diagram? No problem! Our tutors can help you prepare a handwritten step-by-step solutiıon so you can understand and solve the problem from start to finish.

Fastest homework help from real tutors!
Unlimited. 24/7.