Honor Code

Kunduz is here to make high quality education accessible to everyone. We want to help students learn not cheat. We do not tolerate academic dishonesty such as cheating or claiming another person’s work as one’s own. We expect students to use our resources in accordance with their school’s academic integrity policy.

If it’s ever not clear whether you can use online platforms like Kunduz for the problem or assignment you’re working on – you should ask first! The consequences of academic dishonesty are severe. It’s not worth risking your future.

How to Make the Most Out of Kunduz:

Use Solutions 

as a Guide

Kunduz is here to help students work through their questions. Use our guidance to improve your own work or further your understanding of concepts. Don’t blindly copy solutions and pass them off as your own. 

Don’t Use for 

Tests or Quizzes

Use Kunduz as a study tool. Students should never ask our tutors for help during a test or quiz. Even after the exam, students should never post exam questions.  


Ensure Outside Help is Allowed

Make sure you use Kunduz in a way that is allowed by your specific school and instructor. Be familiar with your academic integrity policy, and when in doubt ask your instructor what types of outside help are allowed.

See An Honor Code Violation?

You can help us stay true to our mission of providing high-quality learning opportunities to all students. If you discover an Honor Code violation, be sure to report it. We take such cases seriously, and will work with you to resolve the situation. 


Honoring Intellectual Property

At Kunduz we aim to foster a community that respects the intellectual property of others. Students should only post material that they are authorized to post. If you believe that your copyrighted material has been uploaded to Kunduz, please contact us. We strive to protect intellectual property rights and will work with you to remedy the situation.