How to Prepare a Study Plan

An effective study plan should be specific to the student. At this point, Psychological Counselor, Buse Özdelice will give you a few tips about study plan.

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How to Prepare a Study Plan

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Psychological Counselor, Buse Özdelice, shows the ways to prepare an effective study plan: “Each student is different in his/her time to study during the day. Similarly, the choice of study may not be similar. Therefore, a single study plan cannot be addressed to all students. An effective study plan should be specific to the student. At this point, I will give you a few tips on what you can do to your dear students.”

1. First, we need an Excel file. It will help us make a table. You can use the following image as an example.

2. At the top of the table, starting from column B, we write the days.

3. The first space in column A is “studying hours” (you can find a better name, of course!:)).

4. In this step we have 2 options. You can write school hours on the first line. Or you can think of it as no column, and just write down the hours after school.

5. Now, we come to the important part. I’m going to go through the example here. Like I said, you can spare some time for your personal life. Let’s say you left school at 16:00 and you’re home at 16:30. That’s probably your routine. You can be free until 17:30. If you want, you can write to a column as “free time” between 16.00 and 17.30. Or if you want to reduce the table as much as possible, you can write a lesson directly to column A, 17.30–18.30, and the lessons you will study.

6. Let’s say you wrote “Math” to 17.30. I have a suggestion here: I don’t think “Math” should left there alone. You can write repetition / homework / test next to it. Because you wanted to study math from 17.30 to 18.30, but you don’t know what your goal is. This will help you set a goal.

7. You deserved a 10-minute break. You can write 18.30-18.40 break or something nicer to column A.

8. I’m advising a long study from 18.40 to 20.00 because your study concentration is increasing. Of course, you have the right to make your own, but your concentration may decrease after 20:00 in the evening. So taking a break from 20.00 to 21.00 will motivate you more.

9. Not finished. If you sit on that table again between 21.00 and 22.00, you have no reason not to be Einstein.:)

11. You can do what you want in the last half an hour or an hour. You can prepare for the next day and go to bed before it’s too late.

12. If you are in the exam period and want to work more often, you can reduce breaks. Remember the program is flexible.

13. Also, if you are a high school student, it may be more effective for you to split the program into hours of study. You may need to perform a more disciplined study because the curriculum of the high school is more intensive.

14. You can also organize your weekend. For example; You have a basketball practice in the morning. You can write “basketball practice” from 09.00 to 12.00. Then you’ll have to decide what hours you should study. If you have homework, you can write “math homework” between 13.00 – 14.00. You can take a break and put a lesson in 1 hour period. On weekends you may not study a lot because of socialization, but if you prepare your program you will have time for both fun and study.

As I mentioned in the list, editing the study plan is completely up to you. But you need to prepare the program for all your learning. I strongly recommend that you write down the lessons you study and what you do and how it works. It will be great if you have a notebook and write down what you do every day, but it will increase the efficiency. 

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