How Many Questions Should I Practice to Crack JEE Advanced?

Solving questions is very important. In this article, we explain how many questions you should solve in a day!

How Many Questions Should I Practice to Crack JEE Advanced?

How many questions should you practice?

If there is a new topic to be learnt, the number comes down as students first learn theory attempt all the solved examples. On an average, we solve around 150 questions a day.

It could be said a topic is completely covered when all the following steps are completed:

  1. Basic theory is done from NCERT books
  2. JEE Mains and Advance theory and problems are done from 2 or more reference books. (For example, for topics in Physics, in depth theory can be done from Resnick Halliday and further problems can be done from HC Verma and D C Pandey)
  3. Past 30+ years JEE question papers.
  4. Hot questions from books with a higher difficulty level of questions. (For example, for physics – I.E Irodov)
  5. Mock tests or test series in classes.

Questions in JEE Advance always need concepts from two or more topics to be applied. For example, a question in electricity and magnetism in physics could also require concepts from mechanics. Some do’s and don’ts:


  • I prepared  an error list as this helps reduce the probability of mistakes in the final exam.
  • I stress on practice more than anything else, since that is the best way to enhance preparation.Additionally, I maintained my own summary book to make revision interesting, quick and easy.


  • Do not panic before the exam. 
  • Stay calm and focused.
  • Do not discuss your test performance during the break.Do not compare syllabus coverage or marks with batchmates.

Importance of Doubt Clearing

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