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How to Concentrate Study – Increasing Concentration Power

Increasing concentration power is the key factor in success. There are important steps in your routine to learn how to concentrate study!

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Posted by Prashanth Somasundaram, 6/12/2019
How to Concentrate Study – Increasing Concentration Power

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No matter what age you are, you’ve probably experienced your concentration slipping away right when you need it the most. When you’re studying for exams, you need to focus diligently on the chapters in front of you. But, doing so becomes impossible when there are a million sources of distraction around you! We know the rampant use of digital devices has contributed to shortening our concentration spans. But there are still ways that you can improve the same. Now that the business end of your school year is fast approaching, with all major exams lined up for the upcoming months. Include the following steps in your routine to learn how to concentrate study!

Let’s learn how to concentrate study!

Take breaks

You are not a machine! You should not expect your body and brain to stay focussed for long hours. You NEED breaks, so you should definitely take a 5-10 minute break after every hour. This is somewhat of a reward for your continuous concentration and this plays in your mind. It allows you to be attentive throughout that one hour without getting fidgety. 

Keep your phone away

While different people use their phones for different periods of time, there’s no doubt about the fact that using one’s smartphone while studying is definitely a top source of distraction in today’s world. Therefore, either keep it completely away or turn off your mobile data and Wi-Fi connection if you are keeping it with you. You may use it to listen to some light music if you are confident enough that you won’t distracted by that. 

Set goals and complete them before getting up

Another incentive format that you can try to earn breaks is setting goals. These goals can be bite-sized ones that are easy to achieve, completing a particular topic, a chapter or n number of pages, making the experience of taking a break much more rewarding. This helps you focus on the work at hand in the hopes of getting a well-earned break. 

Study at a desk and not in your bed

The biggest mistake you can make is studying on your bed because you’re bound to feel a little too comfortable and fall asleep. Instead of doing so, you should sit up straight at your desk and study there. The separation of a study and sleeping area can help you switch from ‘play mode’ to ‘work mode’ subconsciously. 

Inculcate the habit of ‘Five-More’ rule

The ‘Five-More’ Rule is a motivational trick that you should use often to ensure prolonged concentration. The rule is simple – it just asks you to push yourself a bit more right when you feel like giving up. If you are casually reading something, then go for five more pages. If you are concentrating hard on something, then sustain it for five more minutes. Such an approach helps in improving your timings. 

Use the ‘Spider’ technique

This is a technique that you can develop over time. The spider technique is based on a popular experiment in which a spider responds to a tuning fork every time it is rung, but stops responding after a point, once it knows what is happening. This attitude is exactly what you need to apply in your life over time. Whether you are in a home filled with multiple people or a hostel with your friends, it would be almost impossible to completely shut yourself from any kinds of distraction. Therefore, you need to build yourself a mental barrier that helps you stay immune to petty distractions like someone talking in the next room, a door slamming, heavy rain hitting a tin roof or any other uncontrollable distractions.

By applying all these techniques, you will definitely be able to improve your levels of concentration while studying. However, you need to understand that all this is only possible through practice and diligence. Improving your concentration is not something that you can achieve overnight, but over time, there will be nothing on earth that will be powerful enough to distract you! 

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