JEE Advanced Tips & Tricks to Crack Exam!

There are some tactics you need to succeed in the exam. In this article we have compiled 20 important JEE Advanced tips for you!

JEE Advanced Tips & Tricks to Crack Exam!

There are some tactics you need to succeed in the exam. In this article we have compiled 20 important JEE Advanced tips for you!

20 JEE Advanced Tips

  1. Start your preparation as early as you can. By either self study or by joining a renowned coaching institute nearest to your place.
  2. Do not account for past achievements or failures.
  3. Develop your study ritual and work ethic by starting studying from 6 hrs. a day and developing a habit of at least focussing for 6 hrs of self study. The only way to crack JEE is through self study.
  4. Maintaining consistency is important. Don’t Give up on exposure to new and mind screwing concepts , regular studies and tests . Don’t demotivate yourself by watching other candidates scoring more than you in any tests. Focus on your path , your story.
  5. Don’t make yourself overconfident by topping in any tests or by giving answers to the questions in class which nobody can answer.
  6. Never ever forget to make notes and revise them regularly. As revision is key to cracking JEE.
  7. Learn to manage your time , stick to your schedule and follow your subject calendar religiously.
  8. Always follow the guidance of your teachers or mentors. Never think they are fooling you. This is the biggest mistake generally committed in class 11 by most aspirants.
  9. Participate in all India tests to check your national level performance. Regularly give tests for a self check as to how much knowledge you hold of a certain topic.
  10. Never ever forget to analyze your mock tests. Please start to learn from your mistakes and avoid doing repeated mistakes in future tests.
  11. Never underestimate yourself, avoid/ cut all distractions and since it is a long journey, be patient and stay focussed on the goal.
  12. Practise , practise , practise as much as you can. You can never study enough!
  13. Don’t skip revision classes of your institute ( if you are going to join any ). And prepare your revision schedule as well to cover any uncover topics or to revise already covered topics.
  14. Never hesitate to ask doubts , always be curious. If you doubt that anything written in a book or any answer given is not conceptually right, raise it and get it cleared.
  15. Don’t forget your Jee preparation when comes the time of your class 12 board exams. Dedicate some time to just practise MCQs or for revising your short notes.
  16. Utilise the time after your board exams and practise mock papers ( ONLINE ) for Jee main to develop your biological clock for the exam. It is important to set your sleep cycle or biological clock right.
  17. While practicing Mock Tests ( ONLINE ) , try to write down your mistakes which you are doing. Classify them as Silly Mistake , Calculation Mistake , Conceptual Mistake , etc.. ( I did it during my preparation and it really helped me. ) for a better test analysis. Try not to repeat them in future.
  18. Utilise the time after Jee Mains for Jee Advanced , this time is Golden, utilise every possible minute for Jee advanced as this period is very crucial.
  19. Forget your Jee main score and start revising your notes of your strongest chapters or topics or concepts , this time is best to strengthen your strengths , just focus on your strengths, revise and avoid learning new topics in case you’ve skipped any.
  20. Don’t study at last day or at the last moment before the D-DAY. Maintain your calm and temperament during examination and please read instructions very carefully.

Importance of Doubt Clearing

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