There are many ways that you can improve yourself everyday! Include the following steps and JEE Main Preparation tips in your routine! So you can learn how to build a strong foundation of concepts for JEE Main Preparation!

JEE Main Preparation Tips

Your basics have to be strong

So it goes without saying, your basics have to be strong.  I suggest following the same flow of chapters in books like H.C. Verma (Physics), R.D. Sharma (Mathematics) and O.P. Tandon (physical chemistry). These books initially will help you build a base to tackle harder topics. Let’s take physics, for example: The first thing you learn is the basics of solving by learning a few basic concepts like vector mathematics, calculus and drawing free body diagram (FBD). These concepts alone can cover a large portion of JEE mains Physics syllabus.

Deeper understanding is important!

After we are done with the basics we can move on to important concepts. They are case specific to every chapter/topics which are generally in the form of theorems and laws. Practicing questions specific to these topics will give you a deeper understanding of the concepts related to it. Also it helps to solve tougher questions.

Time to practice

The questions which are asked for JEE advance typically are related to two or more concepts which need to be applied to solving problems. These types of questions will test how well you know a concept and how well can you relate them to other laws or theorems which are seemingly different. These types of questions can only be mastered by extensive practice, review and revision. The main look out will be to apply yourself and build a way of thinking that will help in accurately analyzing the question and applying the sub-topic.

The more questions you solve, the better your chances of success! You can see best questions asked for JEE & NEET exam inside the app which gets updated daily with 1000+ questions. You can always take help from Kunduz which might help you if you are stuck in between and need some help from topmost tutors of IIT!  We will be updating you with such blog post so keep checking this space.  Stay awesome, Keep Learning!😊

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