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Managing Time Effectively For JEE & NEET Preparation

Here are our tutor's suggestions about dividing your time each day and managing time for IIT - JEE - NEET.

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Posted by Prashanth Somasundaram, 5/12/2019
Managing Time Effectively For JEE & NEET Preparation

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” Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

-William Penn

This quote by resonates in our routine lives where one sentence never goes unsaid at least twice a day. “I don’t have time brooo.” However time and tide waits for none. It is very important to make use of the given 24 hours. Sitting the benches of the college/university you have been dreaming of might be beautiful! So here are my suggestions on how you can divide your time each day in a week for a whole two years about managing time for IIT – JEE – NEET.

Managing time is important!

  • PCMB students have the option of appearing for JEE as well as NEET. For these students the schedule might appear to be a tad bit tight than the PCM students but no worries!! Nothing you guys cannot manage. 
  • Make sure you spend at least 5 hours in a day for attentive studying apart from your school hours and coaching centres/tutions. 
  • These 5 hrs can be divided into 2+2+1 of physics+chemistry+biology/math

(This is just a rough idea. You can do your own split up depending on which subject you find difficult and need to spend extra hours with).The students taking up both JEE and NEET can alternate between math and biology each day.

  • During the weekends make sure you spend extra time with your books rather than lazing around. Also be sure to spend 3-4 hours for your school assignments and record submissions.
  • Most importantly do not over stress yourself and also make sure you spend half an hour every day for any recreational activity of your choice.This will boost your learning capacity.

Other suggestions about time management

To help you with the preparation we will be posting lots of such blog. You can go to Kunduz. Ask all your doubts apart from that you can also ask follow up questions to get more understanding about the question! We also has free library which has lots of free questions and solutions asked by the students like you preparing for JEE.  Give mock tests and solve as many questions as you can. That will give you a fair idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are. The more questions you solve, the better your chances of success! You can see best questions asked for JEE & NEET exam inside the app which gets updated daily with 1000+ questions. You can always take help from Kunduz which might help you if you are stuck in between and need some help from topmost tutors of IIT!  We will be updating you with such blog post so keep checking this space.  Stay awesome, Keep Learning ?

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