Organic chemistry is the most feared part in chemistry, Because students mostly do not study organic chemistry the way it should be studied. So, here we are giving you some ways and tricks to study organic chemistry.

Studying organic chemistry can be easy if done in a proper way, and I follow The 4 step RULE.


NCERT IS THE WAY TO GO, If you want to start from zero, then NCERT is the best way you can read organic as it is easy to understand and up to the mark. You can just go through NCERT once, read it carefully line by line. Then read it again this time mark an important part.


  • If you have your coaching material/ reference book, read it after you complete reading NCERT. This will be a little difficult as it will be given in detail.
  • Make sure you understand each and every line and not just read.
  • Organic is fun if it is understood.
  • Make sure you mark an important part and it will be better if you make your own notes.
  • As your notes will be easy to understand later and quick to revise.


  • Now when you have gone through so much theory, it is time for you to attempt some questions.
  • You can solve the question given in your coaching modules.
  • Try to keep a time limit.
  • Start from small easy questions, you will get confidence,once you do this, you can solve the harder questions.
  • Make sure you solve at least 20 questions daily if you are just starting.
  • Then after some weeks you solve 40-50 questions daily.


Previous years papers are most important as they give you real exam feel, and most of the time questions are of the same type so solving this will boost your confidence and this also acts as reality check. Make sure you keep your timer on and set a particular time to solve a question.

  • DOUBT SOLVING:- This is the most important step as solving your doubts, you can avoid getting stuck in solving problems by using the Kunduz app while you are studying to solve your problems and get handwritten solutions by toppers of NEET in Physics, Chemistry & Maths in 15 mins, personalized for you.
  • SOLVING MOCK TEST: This is very important, this will help you to improve your speed, confidence, this helps you to find where you are weak.

Always remember the oxidizing agents and reducing agents : Like if the given compound is an alcohol and it’s reacted with an oxidizing agent …search for aldehydes (if partial) / carboxylic Acids in the options!! ( Of course there are exceptions for some compounds …which you need to remember)