Private Tutoring at Kunduz – Your Private Tutor

Private Tutoring is effective in improving student’s academic grades and practical knowledge of different subjects. Here at Kunduz we start 1 to 1 private tutoring.

Private Tutoring at Kunduz – Your Private Tutor
1 to 1 private tutoring with Kunduz starts from 16th November, 2020.

Private tutoring is becoming increasingly popular. This is hardly surprising as it is particularly effective in improving not only a student’s academic grades, but also their practical understanding of wide range of subjects.

One of the biggest advantages of private tuition is that, we can easily customize lessons to suit each student. Whereas in school a student may be at a disadvantage as this is not possible. For example, they work at a different pace to the rest of the class or need to focus more attention on a specific aspect of the course. Private tuition largely negates these problems.

From now on, you will be able to take one-on-one lessons from the comfort of your home with Kunduz’s elite. It is where, we have extensive network of instructors, over Kunduz’s infrastructure! Depending on your preference, the lesson is taught at basic, intermediate, or advanced level. Lectures can be in the form of question-solving, lecture, or general repetition depending upon your choice. Each online one-to-one lesson takes a minimum of 45minutes and requires no setup.

You can take lectures from as many instructors you want and can reproach the instructor you are satisfied with.’

Finding the right tutor, that can engage and inspire, can really make a big difference for the learner. As private tuition is usually one-to-one, tutors and students are able to work much more closely. In fact, they develop stronger relationships than would otherwise be possible in a larger class. The impact that this have on a student is profound, as teachers are able to know their students better. And so will find it easier to spot potential problems and give them assistance.

Key Benefits of private tutoring :

  1. Personalized approach and pace of study
  2. Fewer distractions
  3. Improved confidence and self-esteem
  4. Increased intrinsic motivation
  5. Better performance in examinations.
1 to 1 private tutoring with Kunduz starts from 16th November, 2020.

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