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Problem Solving – How to Avoid Silly Mistakes

These tips which prevent you from making silly mistakes should definitely improve your problem solving skills!

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Posted by Prashanth Somasundaram, 12/12/2019
Problem Solving – How to Avoid Silly Mistakes

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Even with all the time you spend practising, the possibility of making a silly mistake while problem solving in the JEE exams does not really go away. The secret secret to cracking such competitive exams is by working smartly, rather than just working hard. Doing so can help you avoid making silly mistakes.  

Problem Solving Techniques

The fact that you are reading this is itself a great start because you have identified that this is an issue you are facing and you are ready to address it. With students missing out on cut-offs by just a couple of marks, we know you just cannot afford to make even a single silly mistake. The following tips which prevent you from sill mistakes should definitely improve your problem solving skills!

Read the questions thoroughly

You must have definitely heard this from your professors or teachers – the answer is there in the question itself. This is exactly why you need to read the questions thoroughly. Apart from getting clues about the answer, doing so can help you get all the information you need to solve the problem. Also, you must be smart enough to read through the lines in case of a tricky question!

Attempt your answers carefully

With every incorrect answer resulting in negative marking, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. This is the exact reason why you should answer only when you are 100% sure. Moreover, the options given to you are such that all of them look like the right answer, so don’t rely on approximation and solve it fully.

Do not be too quick in your calculations

The biggest silly mistake of all is a calculation error. More often than not, such mistakes are born out of eagerness or over-confidence while solving a question that you know. Therefore, it is imperative that you stay focussed and calm throughout the exam no matter how easy it is!

Do not do it in your head

When it comes to moderate to high levels of calculations, NEVER do them in your head. You must carry out all calculations on paper to avoid any kind of silly mistakes – and don’t forget to double check!

Do not panic once you near the end of your exam

As the clock ticks on, students tend to get into a panicky state and try to finish a lot of questions quickly. While doing so, they end up making mistakes or even selecting some random answers out of desperation. You can end up losing crucial marks in the end if you let your panic think for you.  Therefore, you need to remain super calm and just go about answering the questions the way you did during the initial phase of the exam. 

Also, you should not get bogged down by your neighbours’ pace in the exam hall. Do not think about how well they are doing or whether you’re going to score more than them. You must only focus on yourself.

While studying and practising, should look for other chinks in your armour and work on them as well to get to a stage where you are confident enough of your ability to avoid making silly mistakes! 

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