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What does the name Kunduz mean?

Kunduz means “beaver” in Turkish. We were inspired by the teaching behaviors and dedication observed in these incredible animals!

Young beavers are born with strong instincts but they learn most of their life skills from adult beavers. These skills require a lot of practice until beavers are able to master them. 

Students, like young beavers, are curious and motivated to learn. Teachers and tutors, just like adult beavers, want to share their knowledge and help. 

We also love that the idioms “eager beaver” and “busy beaver” are synonymous with being ambitious and hardworking, which is what it takes to be a great student! 

Who We Are

We are three lifelong friends from Turkey who started Kunduz because we saw a need in our community for affordable education services. In Turkey, the most successful students rely upon expensive private tutors and “cram courses” to get into college.  

We had the privilege to attend a small public boarding school where our teachers were accessible day and night. In school, our friends were constantly texting our group chats asking for help with their studies. We quickly realized how fortunate we were to have dedicated and accessible teachers and began to wonder how we could share our unique learning experience with more students. 

Kunduz is the pursuit of sharing that high quality educational experience from 300 boarding school students to millions of students around the world. Since then, Kunduz has expanded to multiple countries, answering millions of students’ questions every month!

What We Believe

It starts with a question 

The moment a student is ready to learn is when they have a question. Every student should be able to ask their question in the moment to transform their curiosity into a learning experience. Because every question starts a new journey.

Education should be accessible 24/7

Education resources should be accessible anytime, anywhere. It should not matter where you are located, what time it is, or how much money you have. on a Sunday. Because education should be accessible to everyone.

Education should be affordable

Budget should not be a barrier for education. Every student should be able to afford high quality, personalized learning support. Because every student deserves to be able to pursue their dreams.


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