Who we are?

The foundation of the Kunduz idea goes back to the years when 3 friends from high school and college shared the same aspiration for the competitive exams.

Realised how the impact of access to best education transformed many lives as we experienced encouraged us to pursue enabling the same opportunity to every student who has those dreams.

We believe the transformational power of education must be delivered to millions through technology and the world needs it. In 2018 some of the major investors in Sillicon Valley and fellow friends joined us in this dream and Kunduz has started to expand multiple countries, answering millions of student’s questions every year.

What Kunduz believes in?

Learning starts with a question

The very moment when a student is ready to learn something  is when she has a question in mind at that moment. Every student should be able to ask any doubt on that very moment to make learning permanent. Because every question comes with a new learning journey.

Education should be accessible 24×7

Education resources must be accessible whenever a student needs to learn. Does not matter if she’s from urban or rural, 2 am in the morning or 5 pm on a Sunday.               

Education should be affordable

Budget should not be a barrier for education. Every family can be able to afford a support for their kids equivalent to private tutoring because every student deserve to dream and follow their passions               


Kunduz Team



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