NCERT Books of class 11th and 12th are the most important and best Study material for NEET in order to score good marks. To secure an MBBS seat in government Medical college, your minimum score in the NEET exam should be above 550 marks and for the achievement of this score, you must focus on NCERT books of class 11th and 12th.

The syllabus of the NEET exam is completely based on the NCERT book and most of the questions in the NEET exam are directly from the theory part of the NCERT Books.

Here we discuss, How to utilize NCERT books in a perfect way so you’ll be able to score good marks in the NEET exam to get admission to your dream college. 

  • Biology covers the 50% marks of the NEET exam as out of 180 questions 90 questions are from the Biology part that makes THE NCERT Biology as Bible for NEET preparation.
  • Out of 90 questions, 80-85 questions are directly based on the theory part of the NCERT so you have to read and understand each and every point of the NCERT books of class 11th and 12th.
  • While reading the NCERT, Highlight important points and examples for quick revision of the NCERT Books.
  • After the completion of each chapter, you should practice NCERT based objectives. There is no upper limit but the lower limit is 100 questions.
  • Practice the questions in an exam like an environment with a fixed time limit to decrease silly mistakes.
  • 4-5 times revision of NCERT books is must before your NEET exam so you remain confident and able to score 300+ marks in Biology part of NEET.
  • Practice previous year papers of NEET and AIIMS and write the out of NCERT points in the respective chapters in NCERT book for revision purposes with the theory of NCERT. 
  • Understand and remember each and every diagram given in the NCERT book for diagram based questions in the NEET exam.

  • In Chemistry for scoring good marks, you should read the theory part of NCERT books with full concentration especially in Inorganic and Organic chemistry because in both these sections most of the questions are based on the theory part of NCERT.
  • The language of the NCERT Books is slightly difficult so fir a better understanding of difficult points, you may refer to your class notes and also from the videos available on different educational platforms.
  • Practice the solved examples given in between the theory part and grasp the concept behind the questions.
  • After completion of each chapter, practice the exercise question and clear your doubts with the help of your class teacher or friends because, in the past year, a direct question from the exercise part was there in NEET exams.
  • You should make short notes or you can also highlight the important points and during revision focus mainly on these points.
  • In Physical chemistry, one time reading of theory part is must and after that practice solved examples and exercise questions.
  • Solved previous year papers of NEET and AIIMS in an exam like environment with a fix time limit. In Chemistry one minute per question is sufficient.

  • In Physics most of the questions are numerically based but the theory of NCERT book is also a must in order to solve the questions.
  • One time reading if NCERT is must for a score above 140 marks out of 180 marks.
  • Read the theory part if NCERT after completion of theory from your class or coaching notes and practice the exercise question.
  • You must practice solved examples given in between theory part in order to strengthen your theory part and like chemistry, some direct questions with exact data or with use of the same formula may be asked in your NEET exam.
  • Read the “Points to ponder” given after completion of the main theory for overview and quick revision of the theory part.
  • Practice the unlimited number of objectives to score good marks because in physics question practice is the main thing.

Above all, to score good marks like 600+ marks, you should practice a large number of quality questions from good reference books. Solve previous year papers with a time limit of 3 hours in an exam like environment. 

You should also join test series programs for analysis of your NEET preparation.

Importance of NCERT Books and Doubt Clearing

Doubt clearance is also an important thing that plays a major role in the NEET exam so you should clear your doubts on the same day after question practice. 
If you stuck in any question, you can take help from your class teacher or your friends and even you can help yourself with the use of your mobile phone, there are few educational platforms which provide handwritten solutions to your problems within 30 minutes and all these solutions are provided by expert tutors with excellent knowledge of the subject. Kunduz is the best among them, you can download their app from the Google play store and iOS app store.

You have many options nowadays so keep studying with full concentration and maintain consistency with hard work to achieve your dream of being a good doctor from a reputed medical college of the country.

Always believe in yourself and all the best for your bright future.